Why Would a Business-Person Need a Proofreader Anyway?


Thought I’d pass along Bob Greene’s CNNOpin­ion arti­cle “Typos — no big deal? Think again,” which was first passed on to me by a sis­ter copy­ed­i­tor (thanks, Steph!). At the very least, Julia Louis-Dreyfus must be glad there are a few spelling-and-punctuation stick­lers like us around! Not to men­tion the pro­fes­sion­als who carved her name in stone!

You don’t have to be writ­ing a book to need a proof­reader. Pro­fes­sional business-people who come off look­ing as pro­fes­sional, cred­i­ble, and intel­li­gent as they are, sim­ply because they went to the trou­ble of hav­ing their cor­re­spon­dence or adver­tis­ing proof­read before it went pub­lic, know this. It may cost you a lit­tle bit to hire a pro­fes­sional proofreader/copyeditor, but it surely costs less than hav­ing to redo a star on the Hol­ly­wood Walk of Fame or los­ing cus­tomers or clients who won­der, if you can’t fig­ure out the right form of “then/than,” will you know how to pro­vide the type of ser­vice that is right for them?

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