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First of all, I’d like to extend a warm wel­come to those of you who have recently stum­bled upon and signed on as fol­low­ers of this blog. I am hon­ored to have you along! Please feel free to intro­duce your­selves in a com­ment, if you wish — same goes for my “older” followers/visitors — and/or to post your own thoughts about some­thing I’ve said. I’d love to hear from you!

Speak­ing of friends “old” and “new”… I feel like I’ve recently got­ten an old friend back in my life! Some of you know my com­puter crashed last Mon­day. In my work as a free­lance copy­ed­i­tor, my com­puter is pretty much the sole infra­struc­ture of my busi­ness, so it was quite a hic­cup in my work week. I was delighted to get it back — all files and pho­tos safe and sound! — on Fri­day, but it has taken me all week­end and yes­ter­day to start feel­ing like it “fits” again. One of my friends/colleagues/clients described it like a cow­boy (or cow­girl) and his (her) horse! Indeed!

It’s amaz­ing how we take our tech­nol­ogy for granted nowa­days — but I kind of knew that already. (You know… we com­ment about that sort of thing when­ever the elec­tric­ity blinks out and we still go auto­mat­i­cally to flick on the light switch.) What I did not fully real­ize was how attached I had become not only to my par­tic­u­lar soft­ware, but also to my spe­cific set­tings and pref­er­ences! First, I had to do the best I could to emu­late them on our older “fam­ily com­puter,” which became my busi­ness part­ner for the week last week. And then I had to reset all of them on this com­puter after get­ting it back! Log-in set­tings, book­marklets, lower res­o­lu­tion for larger images due to my visual needs, even my pref­er­ences for files to be shown as lists in fold­ers (appar­ently, they all default to tiles — GRRR!). It’s still not quite there yet, but it’s get­ting better.

It feels a bit like when you’ve lost touch with a best friend for a long spell and then you get back together again. You know it’s the same friend, but you have to kind of “set­tle in” to each other anew.

I’m curi­ous… What tech­nol­ogy do you feel so con­nected to that you’d feel lost with­out it? Would you, too, have to take some time to “recon­nect” and “set­tle in” to each other once you got it back? I’d love to know I’m not the only crazy one out here!

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