Video Greetings, and a Fun New Resource!


First of all, “Happy Mon­day morn­ing” to you all! My dar­ling cat Pump­kin and I have a video mes­sage to share with you:

I had so much fun mak­ing this video! For starters, it’s the first one I’ve ever made online, and I think it’s so fun to learn new skills!

Sec­ond, I made it using an awe­some web­site called Ani­moto*, which is so easy and slick that I was absolutely amazed! Not only can Ani­moto cre­ate videos out of var­i­ous video clips you upload, but — as you can see in this video — it can make a video out of your still pho­tos. You can do short (30-second) videos for free, or you can pay $30 a year to make as many unlimited-time videos as you wish. Seems like a great deal to me — and so much fun!

Third, this one-year-old kit­ten (he still acts young even though he’s offi­cially full-grown now, and we still refer to him and the other kit­ten we got at the same time as “the babies,” as com­pared to our two older cats) is such a cutie — don’t you agree?! — that I just laugh out loud each time I see these pics, espe­cially the “pull-up” ones, and I just had to share him with all of you!

Hope you enjoyed the video — and my goofy cat! Would you please let me know what you think by post­ing a com­ment? Thanks!

Have a PURR-fect day!

* http://​cmp​.ly/5

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  1. Jay Sport Says:

    Heidi — nice video, espe­cially for a first try! Look for­ward to more. Jay

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  2. Heidi Mann Says:

    Thanks, Jay! I appre­ci­ate it!

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