Useful Resource: “11 Steps to Publishing Success”


Nel­son Tan, of Inter­net Mas­tery Cen­ter, pro­vides mul­ti­ple prac­ti­cal steps toward get­ting your e-book pub­lished! Check out his arti­cle at Blogz​.org, a web­site I just dis­cov­ered when “they” (there’s always a “they” behind a web­site!) started fol­low­ing me on Twit­ter. What a for­tu­nate con­nec­tion to have dropped into my lap!

First, a word about Blogz​.org: As I explore the site, I dis­cover high-quality writ­ing (a huge plus to this good-writing fanatic!) on a wide vari­ety of top­ics. Vis­i­tors are invited to read, write, and sim­ply enjoy! In the left-hand col­umn list­ing recent arti­cles, my eyes glommed onto the one by Tan. So… for my writ­ing friends and col­leagues, I point you in that direc­tion with a sam­pling of his “11 Steps to Pub­lish­ing Suc­cess”:

“1) Start research­ing in your sub­ject. Read a lot.

4) Start writ­ing…
5) Know when to stop writ­ing and start editing.

…  [Please par­don the mis­placed smi­ley that fol­lows. It’s not vis­i­ble in my edit­ing pane and, no mat­ter what I try, refuses to be deleted! I guess a lit­tle ran­dom hap­pi­ness never hurt any­one! –HM]

8) Get exter­nal reviews or find cre­ative ways to get tes­ti­monies…
9) Pre­pare a sales copy and set up a site pro­mot­ing your e-book.

11) Write arti­cles related to your sub­ject and sub­mit them to major arti­cle direc­to­ries. Your resource box points back to your sales page.”

Actu­ally, even Tan’s com­plete list only scratches the sur­face of what his full arti­cle seeks to teach. Obvi­ously, no “step-by-step” is a guar­an­tee to high sales or instant pop­u­lar­ity, his sug­ges­tions cer­tainly seem like a great place to start. Check it out for yourself!

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  1. Mark Parsec Says:

    How for­tu­itous that we were able to “hook up” through Twit­ter. I enjoyed your arti­cle about Nel­son Tan’s post regard­ing “11 Steps to Pub­lish­ing Suc­cess. I guess it could be called an 11 Step Program!

    Inci­den­tally, I noticed that we have sim­i­lar back­grounds. Very much enjoy your blog here.

    I have been hav­ing prob­lems with the Blog­zOrg Twit­ter link for some rea­son, so you me reach me at Twit­ter at Markparsec.


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