Sweet Son

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“Mom, I’m sad…,” my five-year-old began.

Good gra­cious! I thought. It was only 7:05 in the morn­ing; what could he pos­si­bly have to be sad about? But that was just what flit­ted through my mind in a frac­tion of a sec­ond because he con­tin­ued before I could even ask.

“…because summer’s over,” he said plaintively.

Well, it did feel that way two days ago when we awoke to 40-degree tem­per­a­tures breez­ing in through the win­dows we’d left open to the almost-60-degree air the night before.

“Oh, honey,” I assured him, “summer’s not over yet. It’s just cool this morn­ing, but don’t worry — it will warm up again today.” And indeed, it did. In fact, they’re pre­dict­ing temps in the 90s this weekend.

But life is full of changes, isn’t it? Ups and downs, cool­ing and warm­ing, and hints of things to come before they fully arrive.

In our house­hold, we are presently mak­ing school-supply lists, pur­chas­ing shiny new ten­nis shoes, arrang­ing for back-to-school doc­tor appoint­ments and (don’t tell him yet!) shots. The new school year — and, yes, my child, fall — is coming.

Per­son­ally, I look for­ward to being able to ded­i­cate stead­ier hours to my proof­read­ing and copy­edit­ing work, and to bring­ing YOU more great tips and resources to strengthen your writ­ing. I look for­ward to my kids redis­cov­er­ing the joys of learn­ing from ded­i­cated teach­ers, of renew­ing old friend­ships and mak­ing new ones, and of being engaged in a more cre­ative mix of activ­i­ties than this mom has ever man­aged! (Me? I cre­ate with words — not so much with paint and nature walks and mak­ing up fun out­doorsy games!)

Sea­sons change. Most tran­si­tions are a mix of happy and sad. For now, I’m glad my kids are squeez­ing the last bit of joy out of sum­mer and look­ing for­ward — at least, pretty much — to fall.

How about you and yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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