To Buy or Not to Buy: That Is the Question


'Fuel Pumps at Gas Station' by Kiril HavezovThe fol­low­ing sign demon­strates the impor­tance of word order.

At a Santa Fe gas sta­tion:
“We will sell gaso­line to any­one in a glass container.”

But what if I drive up in a car instead??


'Prescription Drug Case' by foxumonAnd this one shows the impor­tance of unam­bigu­ous word choice.

In a New York drug­store:
“We dis­pense with accuracy.”

Remem­ber that “dis­pense” can mean to pre­pare and dis­trib­ute, as with med­ica­tion, but it can also mean to set aside or dis­re­gard some­thing (Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dic­tio­nary). Hmmm… do I want to go to that phar­macy or not??

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