To All the Authors I Know Struggling with How to Market Their Books:


I have just learned about Wub​bit​.com. It’s new, and I can’t vouch for it per­son­ally yet… but word of it comes via a trusted source: Jane Fried­man, one of the edi­tors of the Writer’s Digest com­mu­nity (see the third bul­let down in Jane’s post for a link to a brief — and FREE — webi­nar to learn more about it).  If you search YouTube for “wub­bit,” you’ll find sev­eral dif­fer­ent videos — includ­ing the one below — to tell you what Wub­bit is all about and why authors, inde­pen­dent book­stores, and cus­tomers love it (or, as they say in the video, “why they wub­bit!”). Since many of you are authors — and per­haps have been won­der­ing how best to mar­ket your work with­out sac­ri­fic­ing most of the prof­its to mid­dle­men, I’ve cho­sen this video for you. (Do also check out the webi­nar; it’s not as ani­mated as the video, but it’s very infor­ma­tive.)

(Or view directly on YouTube.)

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