They’re Killing Me with Their Mistake There!


Photo courtesy Steve Johnson

Photo cour­tesy Steve Johnson

OH!!!! It hurts!!!! It HURTS!!!! Enough to shove me out of my almost year-long blog–post­ing slump to write about it!! Enough to make me use mul­ti­ple excla­ma­tion points, even though that’s usu­ally con­sid­ered improper and annoy­ing in even semi-formal writing!!

What hurts? THIS, from The Daily Beast on Jan. 7, 2016:

U.S. Dietary Guide­lines: Cut the Sugar

The new U.S. dietary guide­lines released 2015 main­tain much of the same advice from five years prior, except for one big change: Amer­i­cans are advised to limit sugar con­sump­tion to no more than 10 per­cent of there daily caloric intake.…

OH, OH!!! See what I mean?! And while I don’t like rat­ting out writ­ers pub­licly, this instance prac­ti­cally begs for it. A world­wide, respected inter­net news-gathering and –shar­ing web­site like The Daily Beast mix­ing up “there” and “their”???

Every proof­reader misses things now and then — includ­ing me — but gen­er­ally not things this basic!

REALLY??? GAH!!!!!!! 

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