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Remem­ber the tra­di­tional way of doing pro­fes­sional net­work­ing? Spend a few hours in the car or plane to meet up with oth­ers in your field or related fields. Make con­tact with a few folks, maybe exchang­ing busi­ness cards — many of which would end up at the bot­tom of a purse or pocket, or in a pile on the desk at home. Hope­fully you’d chance to meet up with a few peo­ple who could really be an asset to you and for whom you could rec­i­p­ro­cate; you would leave sev­eral well-intended offers of “Let’s keep in touch” behind and, once back at your home office, maybe you fol­lowed up — or they did — and… maybe not. Either way, a lot of time and energy (and prob­a­bly money) had been spent for min­i­mal return on your investment.

I’ve learned, how­ever, that with a rel­a­tively new social-networking site called LinkedIn, you can save a ton of time, energy, and — yes — money! I love LinkedIn because you can seek out pro­fes­sion­als with inter­ests that match or com­ple­ment yours, con­nect one-on-one or in groups or by being intro­duced by a mutual friend or col­league, and then you can exchange resources to fur­ther your pro­fes­sional growth and theirs. Job open­ings are posted, rec­om­men­da­tions and refer­rals can be offered freely and requested cour­te­ously, and pri­vate com­mu­ni­ca­tions can take place as well.

I know there is even more to LinkedIn that I haven’t begun to fully access. But in just a few months, I’ve found it a use­ful — and enjoy­able — tool for grow­ing and con­duct­ing my free­lance copy­edit­ing business.

And, best of all, it’s not clut­tered up with all the friv­o­lous sta­tus updates, games, and appli­ca­tions you often find on social-networking sites like Face­book (though I do like Face­book as well, and it has its place).

I would encour­age you to try out LinkedIn, espe­cially if you have need for pro­fes­sional con­nec­tions. A quick way to get to the site is to fol­low this link to my pro­file and surf around from there:  http://​www​.linkedin​.com/​i​n​/​f​i​n​a​l​t​o​u​c​h​p​r​o​o​f​r​e​a​d​i​n​g​e​d​i​ting.

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  1. Traci S. Campbell Says:


    I have been on LinkedIn for a while, but only recently tapped into more of its pow­er­ful net­work­ing capa­bil­i­ties. Thanks for mak­ing more folks aware of LinkedIn and the ben­e­fits it can bring to online mar­ket­ing and net­work­ing in general. 🙂

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