The Music of Opportunity; the Sound of Potential


Patrick Henry Hughes, born with­out eyes and with a con­di­tion that keeps his limbs per­ma­nently bent, has beaten the odds and become an inspi­ra­tion to thou­sands with his gifts for music (piano and trum­pet) and for per­se­ver­ance. His suc­cess is due in no small part to the role his father plays as his part­ner in col­lege classes and march­ing band (while Patrick Jr. plays trum­pet, Patrick Sr. “marches” the his son’s wheel­chair around the field). The lengths to which this human father goes for his son reflect the lengths to which God the Father has gone for each one of us, his children.

If you are in need of moti­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion, take a few min­utes to watch this amaz­ing video!

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