Feb 7

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My lit­tle guy earned him­self deten­tion today.

Yup. In kindergarten.

I’ve never had a kid get deten­tion before, but some­how I thought if it did hap­pen, it would be in, say, fourth or fifth or sixth or sev­enth grade. Or maybe eleventh… you know, for skip­ping class or something.

Nope. Kinder­garten. For punch­ing a fel­low kinder­gart­ner in the face. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 12

Oh, dear friends, DON’T MISS this inspir­ing video from Hun­gary, of all places! The intri­cacy of the dance — so many peo­ple in all the right places, their move­ments so matched and pre­cise! How long do you think they prac­ticed (and where, so as not to give it away in advance?!) to make this work?! (Or did they just cut the images of peo­ple who got their moves wrong, as I surely would have done?! 😛 )

If you are a Chris­t­ian, this likely astounds you on another level as well: that a once-Communist nation could have such a bold and broad Chris­t­ian pres­ence… that they would be allowed to cel­e­brate their faith in a cen­tral plaza of Budapest (as some com­menters on YouTube have noted, it’s doubt­ful such would even be allowed in “the land of the free”). I am not a con­ser­v­a­tive Chris­t­ian — far from it. My take would not be that Chris­tians should be able to prac­tice their faith so pub­licly but that all believ­ers of any life-affirming creed should be able to do so.

And in a coun­try where many (if not most) Chris­tians pride our­selves on hav­ing sent “mis­sion­ar­ies to Africa” and hes­i­tant to acknowl­edge that there are now more Chris­tians in Africa than in North Amer­ica and that per­haps we would ben­e­fit from receiv­ing some African mis­sion­ar­ies here, I think one place we tend to for­get about is Europe. Or to the extent we think about it, we pic­ture ancient cathe­drals, glo­ri­ous yet empty, except for camera-toting tourists, and we dis­miss the coun­tries of Europe as places where church was so tied to state that it has all but died out. Well, appar­ently not in Budapest, Hun­gary. See for your­self:

Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day Dance, Budapest, Hungary

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