Sep 6


I always loved this video — along with many other School­house Rock selec­tions — so I thought it would be appro­pri­ate to share today. Not only does it have to do with gram­mar — which, as you prob­a­bly know, I’m all about! — but it also fits because today is our kids’ first day back at school!

I really wanted to post “Billy Joe McGuf­frey” from the Veg­gi­eTales Jonah movie. If you have kids who’ve watched it over and over, you’ll remem­ber how each verse starts out:

“Oh, Billy Joe McGuf­frey was a really clumsy kid. On the first day of first grade I’ll tell ya what he did…”

“Oh, Billy Joe McGuf­frey was a really clumsy kid. On the sev­enth day of sev­enth grade I’ll tell ya what he did…”

It goes all the way from first to twelfth day/grade of school, but our two boys are in first and sev­enth. In each of the verses some­thing ridicu­lous hap­pens and Billy Joe McGuf­frey ends up in the hospital:

“You could buy a zoo with all the doc­tor bills he paid!”

It’s all sung super-fast so you can hardly under­stand all the words, and it’s done by the awe­some Chris­t­ian rock/pop singer Chris Rice.

Any­way, of course the main thing is that we hope no acci­dents or mishaps befall our two kids — or any of the kid­dos head­ing back to school these days — because no one I know has the money to buy a zoo, and our lives are prob­a­bly zoo-ish enough as it is! Bet­ter to stick with learn­ing about con­junc­tions and all that fun stuff!

(And if you need any help with it, I’m just an email away!)

Hey, while you’re still here, do you have any first-day-of-school mem­o­ries you’d like to share? Leave a com­ment below. Thanks!





Aug 2

Though, of course, we’re hop­ing we won’t have to try it for long.

About a week ago, my hus­band learned his graphic design job was being moved out-of-state (and he was not offered the chance to tag along). Of course, we went through a whole range of emo­tions — a bit of relief, as things had got­ten com­pli­cated at that job; but mostly, as you might imag­ine, anx­i­ety and ner­vous­ness, not only about find­ing a new job but also about the likely need to move and about how close we are now to the new school year (could this not have hap­pened back in May or June? Really??).

'Will Work for Cheese' photo (c) 2009, walknboston - license:

As we sorted things out more, Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 9

I LOVE INTERNETphoto © 2008 Codice Inter­net | more info (via: Wylio)

A few days ago, I was try­ing to do some­thing with an Excel spread­sheet. Now, mind you, I know only the most basic basics about Microsoft Excel, but I do keep my Con­tacts List fairly well orga­nized in that pro­gram. Well, in the process, I “hid” a cou­ple of columns (inten­tion­ally), but then I could not for the life of me “unhide” them! I clicked on “Hide/Unhide” and on “Columns” and… in the words of one of the ani­mated char­ac­ters from Veg­gi­eTales videos, “noth­ing, zilch, nada!”

I wasted prob­a­bly a good half hour and tons of energy on it before it dawned on me that I could Read the rest of this entry »

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