Jan 9

About a year ago, one of my proof­read­ing clients intro­duced me to a char­ac­ter known as “Gram­mar Girl.” She is at the helm of the Quick & Dirty Tips net­work and offers reg­u­lar pod­casts (you can also read them as columns at the Gram­mar Girl web­site), as well as daily gram­mar tips by email subscription.

Gram­mar Girl’s given name is Mignon Fog­a­rty (not as in the steak, I’ve heard her tell an inter­viewer, but as in a flower by that name; I looked it up on dic​tio​nary​.com and Wikipedia and didn’t find any­thing about a flower, but dic​tio​nary​.com came through with the def­i­n­i­tion, “del­i­cately pretty,” besides list­ing it as a female given name). She is a great oral pre­sen­ter — a pleas­ant voice to lis­ten to, infor­ma­tive and funny, both. Besides her online pres­ence, she has writ­ten two books, the most recent The Gram­mar Devo­tional. Check it out! A great resource to learn, or relearn, cru­cial tips for good writ­ing over the course of a year (if you read one a day — though you might get so sucked in that you can’t stop with just one!).

By the way, you’ll notice the Gram­mar Girl link in the side­bar to the right. I lis­ten to her archived pod­casts one after another on my iPod while doing house­work! That’s how much fun gram­mar can be!

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