Jan 8

Photo courtesy Steve Johnson

Photo cour­tesy Steve Johnson

OH!!!! It hurts!!!! It HURTS!!!! Enough to shove me out of my almost year-long blog-posting slump to write about it!! Enough to make me use mul­ti­ple excla­ma­tion points, even though that’s usu­ally con­sid­ered improper and annoy­ing in even semi-formal writing!!

What hurts? THIS, from The Daily Beast on Jan. 7, 2016: Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 8

My “Gram­mar Grad­u­a­tion certificate”!

This was fun! Take this gram­mar quiz and see how you do! Gram­mar hap­pens to be “my thing”; if it’s not yours — and you are in need of some writ­ing assis­tance — shame­less plug: be in touch, and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work on your piece together! ~Heidi


May 3

Heidi: proud copy edi­tor of ‘FRED WHO?’

Last fall I had the amaz­ing oppor­tu­nity to inter­view a real live pres­i­den­tial can­di­date for my work with the e-magazine, 10,000 Cou­ples. I was soooooo ner­vous as the time drew near for our con­ver­sa­tion over the inter­net! But Mr. Fred Karger, a lesser-known mod­er­ate Repub­li­can can­di­date for the U.S. pres­i­dency, was absolutely won­der­ful! He was such fun to talk to, easy-going, gen­er­ous with his time, very down-to-earth, and had no “agenda” what­so­ever — which is to say, he did not seem com­pelled to twist any ques­tion I asked so he could say what­ever he wanted to say, even if it had noth­ing to do with the ques­tion. So, you see… not at all like the typ­i­cal can­di­date for pub­lic office.

In prepa­ra­tion for our inter­view, I had pur­chased and read Read the rest of this entry »

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