Jun 23

This is an AWESOME video! Funny and true at the same time — as is good satire.

In the words of its cre­ator: “In honor of all those Lutheran papas who made sure we got out of bed on Sun­day morn­ing, who taught us to pray, and who didn’t let our moth­ers bear the bur­den of rais­ing us in the faith all by them­selves.” Hear, hear!

Take time to watch it… and then, if it applies to you, call or email your own dad and say “thanks”!

Apr 11

On April 3, I attended the Home Con­cert (con­cert given imme­di­ately upon return from tour) of the Oak Grove Lutheran High School Con­cert Choir. One of the most mov­ing pieces they did was called “Requiem,” by a young Amer­i­can song­writer named Eliza Gilkyson. The arrange­ment was by Craig Hella John­son. It was writ­ten in response to the South­east Asia tsunami of 2004, was per­formed also in response to Hur­ri­cane Kat­rina in 2005, and in the con­cert I attended was per­formed as a trib­ute to all affected by and lost in the earth­quake and tsunami in Japan this past March.

The video here is not the choir I heard; this is the National Lutheran Choir. But the song is gor­geous no mat­ter who sings it — believe me, I’ve lis­tened to it at least four times in a row by dif­fer­ent per­form­ers this evening! Take a lis­ten:

Feb 7

Angel and Devil cartoonphoto © 2009 AASU Arm­strong Uni­ver­sity Archives | more info (via: Wylio)

My lit­tle guy earned him­self deten­tion today.

Yup. In kindergarten.

I’ve never had a kid get deten­tion before, but some­how I thought if it did hap­pen, it would be in, say, fourth or fifth or sixth or sev­enth grade. Or maybe eleventh… you know, for skip­ping class or something.

Nope. Kinder­garten. For punch­ing a fel­low kinder­gart­ner in the face. Read the rest of this entry »

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