Jan 10

What do Pulitzer Prize-winning play­wright Edward Albee, Olympic swim­ming medal­ist Greg Louga­nis, and I have in com­mon? We’ve all been inter­viewed by Bruce Con­verse on Rain­bow Radio, a weekly radio pro­gram that was awarded the Human Rights Campaign’s 2007 “Equal­ity Award.”

In turn, I wrote about Bruce and Rain­bow Radio for my Jan­u­ary fea­ture “Some­one You MUST Know” in “10,000 Same-Sex Cou­ples e-Magazine,” for which I write, copy­edit, and lend other edi­to­r­ial sup­port. My arti­cle begins as fol­lows: Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 13

I am so delighted to share with you the promo video for a soon-to-be-released book I’ve had the honor of edit­ing. Author Bathsheba Smithen is only in her mid-20s, but she has wis­dom beyond her years. Watch the video (Bathsheba is the first indi­vid­ual in it)… and then read the book’s Fore­word, below, which she also gave me the priv­i­lege of writing:

Editor’s Fore­word

“All is van­ity and a chas­ing after wind. … So I turned to con­sider wis­dom and mad­ness and folly…” (Eccle­si­astes 1:14 and oth­ers; 2:12, NRSV)

When Bathsheba Smithen first invited me to write this Fore­word, I replied with a laugh, “You want a pasty white girl from small-town Min­nesota to intro­duce a book by an African Amer­i­can from Wash­ing­ton, D.C.?!” Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 7

I have been so blessed in my work as a free­lance copy edi­tor to meet some truly inspir­ing peo­ple I would never have met oth­er­wise! I’d like to intro­duce you to one of the busiest of them, I’m quite cer­tain: David E. Wat­ters.

Some­times my copy edit­ing crosses over into the oppor­tu­nity to do some orig­i­nal writ­ing, as it did when an arti­cle was urgently needed for the April “10,000 Cou­ples” web-magazine for which I serve as copy edi­tor. I hope you’ll take time to read the entire arti­cle here, to see pho­tos and a rel­e­vant side­bar, and per­haps even to sub­scribe to “10,000 Cou­ples” if you wish (it’s entirely free, and though you can read the whole e-mag with­out sub­scrib­ing, doing so has its perks — like allow­ing you to post com­ments). But to give you a teaser, here’s a bit from my arti­cle, and a video mes­sage from David him­self:
Read the rest of this entry »

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