Recommendations for Editor-Writer Heidi Mann

“You did an awe­some job and made my project a real­ity. With­out you I would still be in the ‘what am I gonna do with this?’ phase. Plans are to self-publish … I really appre­ci­ate your time, exper­tise, and efforts. You are awe­some and I am blessed to have you work on my project. It is so much bet­ter because of you. Thank you so much!“

Brett Bas­t­ian, author

Heidi, I was just going through your mark-up on my text. You always do such a dili­gent and thought­ful job, and this col­umn is a great exam­ple of how you help­fully go beyond sim­ply ‘proof­ing.’ Not only do you cor­rect incor­rect gram­mar and punc­tu­a­tion, catch redun­dant words and/or dupli­cated expres­sions; you make excel­lent sug­ges­tions regard­ing word use and appro­pri­ate­ness. Your clients may be buy­ing ‘proof­ing,’ but they’re get­ting so much more. You make my writ­ing look and ‘sound’ as good as it can be, while pre­serv­ing what I am try­ing to say. You are, indeed, an excel­lent copy edi­tor in the finest pro­fes­sional sense of that term. Thank you!”

–Larry Gau­per, news-magazine colum­nist, pub­lic rela­tions spe­cial­ist

“I found Heidi Mann on [a free­lance web­site] and she has been every­thing I could have imag­ined and more!  I ini­ti­ated a sam­ple doc­u­ment and asked all the inter­ested edi­tors to edit the doc­u­ment.  Not only did Heidi edit for gram­mar, she edited for con­tent as well.  Heidi caught 40% more edits than the other edi­tors.  In addi­tion, she met my bud­get, has tremen­dous expe­ri­ence, and is very anal which makes for an excel­lent edi­tor.  As long as I write, Heidi will be my edi­tor of choice.  She’s AWESOME and you would be crazy not to use her.”

–Towan Isom, author of Chas­ing Great­ness: The Young Professional’s Guide to a Dynamic Life; Owner of Isom Global Strate­gies and of Isom Media

“I can’t rec­om­mend Heidi highly enough. In the first place, she knows the lan­guage and is highly metic­u­lous. In fact, and I’ve told her this, she’s the best proof­reader I’ve ever worked with and I’ve been in the news­pa­per biz nearly 30 years. Her work as an edi­tor is just as good; she’s kept me from look­ing like an ass more than once. She just flat doesn’t miss stuff.”

–Tom Pan­tera, journalist

“Heidi is awe­some! She helped clean up my bio and is now work­ing on other prod­ucts for me. I HIGHLY rec­om­mend her! She is fab­u­lous! Thanks, Heidi!”

–Pat­tie Mey­ers, The PM Companies

“Heidi is a pro­fes­sional edi­tor that deliv­ers excel­lent results on time and within bud­get. She is ded­i­cated to her pro­fes­sion, striv­ing to deliver the very best prod­uct. Heidi is also a joy to work with. I highly rec­om­mend her!”

–Ron Stock, author of Recon­nect­ing

“Heidi helped turn the sec­ond edi­tion of our book into a great piece of fic­tion. We are truly con­fi­dent about the work that she did and now we feel ready to launch a world­wide mar­ket­ing campaign.”

–Sab­rina Wright & Dex­ter Grif­fin, authors of Kalilah: The Whis­pered Promise

“Every­one under the sun thinks that they can make a good edi­tor or cri­tique someone’s work. But it takes a spe­cial type of per­son, with the right blend of mechan­i­cal knowl­edge and com­mon sense, to get the job done. Heidi Mann is def­i­nitely one of the lat­ter. I hired Heidi to edit my first novel, Warrior’s Song, a forth­com­ing work in a series of four. Heidi’s metic­u­lous approach to the voice, mood, and style were top-notch. And she was able to lend an outsider’s voice to the story, show­ing me where I was not think­ing cer­tain parts through as well as I should have. Her back­ground and exper­tise blended well with my project. I was very happy with the results. I will more than likely hire her for the rest of the project. Book II is just about done!”

–Thomas Hill, author and Founder & Chief Pro­duc­tion Spe­cial­ist of Launch­pad Press

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