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Recently I learned about a tool called Robo­Form* — and when I find some­thing really use­ful, I want to share the news!

At first, I assumed it was too good to be true or, worse, that it might actu­ally com­pro­mise my secu­rity online. But then I heard about it again, from a source I trust greatly and who has years of online expe­ri­ence (shout-out to Sab­rina Gib­son!), so I decided to look into it fur­ther. I gave the free ver­sion a try and fell in love! Seri­ously! I am SO DELIGHTED to have this new tool in place that when I reached the free-version limit (10 pass­words, I think), I imme­di­ately upgraded to the Pro ver­sion (under $25) for my 40+ pass­words!

Robo­Form stores all your inter­net user­names and pass­words so you don’t have to fig­ure out a sys­tem for remem­ber­ing them all. Fur­ther­more, nowa­days there is such a threat of iden­tity theft and hack­ers get­ting into our inter­net accounts (two friends of mine have recently been phished on Face­book), that I was glad to know Robo­Form helps pre­vent that, too, with its optional random-password gen­er­a­tion, which gen­er­ates a unique, strong pass­word for each site that calls for one. Robo­Form stores them all for you so you only need to remem­ber one, to enter the Robo­Form pro­gram and access all your oth­ers. You can view, copy, or change your pass­words at any time under the “Edit” option on the menu, but as far as any­one else is con­cerned — any­one who doesn’t have your Robo­Form pass­word — the pass­words are secured with military-level encryption.

One other thing: Robo­Form can also auto-fill forms for you, if you find your­self at a lot of dif­fer­ent web­sites that require the com­ple­tion of long forms with per­sonal data. You sup­ply the infor­ma­tion in an ini­tial set-up, and then click an icon when­ever you need a form filled. (I do make sure to read over the form just to make sure it all got filled out cor­rectly, and because some­times I might want to change the email address I’m sup­ply­ing or such, but it’s a help­ful resource nonetheless.)

In short, I think Robo­Form is one of the most use­ful resources I’ve ever encoun­tered for online work (and play!). At the very least, why not click here to learn more?

RoboForm: Learn more...

* http://​cmp​.ly/5

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  1. Traci S. Campbell Says:

    This sounds like a great resource! I will have to look into this one myself. Thanks a bunch for shar­ing this information. 🙂

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