Opening a Prison Door…


Doors Open Toronto 2009-16photo © 2009 Pearl Vas | more info (via: Wylio)…and find­ing that the one who goes free… is you!

That’s how some­one has defined “for­give­ness.” That def­i­n­i­tion is cer­tainly exem­pli­fied in a human-interest arti­cle I read online today.

I encour­age you to take a few moments out from what­ever you’re doing — well, yeah, from read­ing my blog! — to go read this incred­i­ble, true, feel-good story. It’s “warm and fuzzy,” all right, but it’s too pro­found to be sappy.

I won­der how many of us could do the same as Steve Watt did. Of course, by God’s power, any of us could, but it’s still very hard to imagine.

The real take-away here is how both men were impris­oned, though only one was behind phys­i­cal bars, and how both men are now truly free.

Take a read!

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