Kings and Queens in Our Lives


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One of the Scrip­ture read­ings for today, accord­ing to the Daily Lec­tionary I am using, is 1 Kings 10:1–13, the account of the Queen of Sheba’s visit to King Solomon. She jour­neyed to see him because she had heard the reports about his extra­or­di­nary wis­dom and pros­per­ity and, appar­ently, thought they were too good to be true. As it turns out, she is pleas­antly sur­prised to find dif­fer­ently. They exchange lav­ish gifts (she brings him spices in such huge amounts that “never again did spices come in such quan­tity,” and he gives her “every desire that she expressed”), sym­bol­iz­ing, I take it, the mutual respect and admi­ra­tion that has sprung up between them.

Have you ever heard about some­one from some­one else who told you, “You’ve got to meet So-and-so. She [or he] is incred­i­ble! I’ve learned so much from this per­son! She [He] is a great leader / teacher / preacher / parent…!”

I have.

Before I moved to a new town to start serv­ing as pas­tor of the church there, a woman from my home church who had 4-H con­nec­tions around the region said, “You’ve got to meet Becky! She’s incred­i­ble! She is so tal­ented, and she shares her gifts so freely with the com­mu­nity and the church!” I went to my new parish, feel­ing already like I had a con­nec­tion in Becky but won­der­ing just a bit, “Could this really be true? Is she really that great?”

Turns out, she was! — and is! Becky became one of my strongest assets, a lov­ing sup­porter who was not afraid to offer con­struc­tive crit­i­cism where it would serve the whole church and me well, a shin­ing exam­ple for me of a par­ent rais­ing kids in the faith, a men­tor in how to work with vol­un­teers, and a dear friend. All the shin­ing reports had been true!

Give some thought to who in your life has been like the incred­i­ble King Solomon — some­one you heard aston­ish­ing things about and won­dered if they could pos­si­bly be true; some­one you took time to get to know for your­self and who turned out to be an asset in your life as a result. What gifts (not nec­es­sar­ily mate­r­ial ones) have you and that other indi­vid­ual lav­ished on one another? Don’t for­get to thank and praise God for his/her pres­ence in your life!

If you would like to share your responses to the above ques­tions, please do so by leav­ing a com­ment here. I’d love to hear (read) your thoughts!

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  1. Mark Meadows Says:


    Yes, after a jour­ney of 5 fic­tional vol­umes with King Solomon (the first nicely edited by Final Touch) I have gained more respect for the ancient king. My first book, “Down From His Glory” should be avail­able on Ama­zon in two weeks. Thanks for all your help!

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  2. Becky Ramsey Says:

    Hey Heidi, what a great site you have here. And such a thought pro­vok­ing post!

    It’s easy for me to think of my King Solomon. It’s my friend Susie, who never ceases to help me think about things in new ways. I’m so for­tu­nate to have her coun­sel. And I should thank God more often for her pres­ence in my life!

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