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A few days ago, I was try­ing to do some­thing with an Excel spread­sheet. Now, mind you, I know only the most basic basics about Microsoft Excel, but I do keep my Con­tacts List fairly well orga­nized in that pro­gram. Well, in the process, I “hid” a cou­ple of columns (inten­tion­ally), but then I could not for the life of me “unhide” them! I clicked on “Hide/Unhide” and on “Columns” and… in the words of one of the ani­mated char­ac­ters from Veg­gi­eTales videos, “noth­ing, zilch, nada!”

I wasted prob­a­bly a good half hour and tons of energy on it before it dawned on me that I could likely find an answer with­out even leav­ing my desk. So I took my fin­gers a-walking at trusty ol’ Google. Sure enough, all I had to do was type “How do I find hid­den columns in Excel?” into the search field and — voila! — the top link led to a brief arti­cle that answered my ques­tion imme­di­ately. I fol­lowed the steps which had been very pre­cisely sup­plied, and my hid­den columns popped back into place!

This might seem triv­ial, but it makes me won­der what we ever did with­out the Inter­net — or even when the Inter­net was still so “young” that it didn’t have high-functioning search engines to serve even bet­ter than an ency­clo­pe­dia. After all, an ency­clo­pe­dia wouldn’t have all the how-tos for nearly any type of soft­ware you might be using. You’d have to take a trip to the library, and even that might not prove use­ful because they wouldn’t likely have the most up-to-date man­ual on hand. You’d prob­a­bly have to wait for a chance to visit Barnes & Noble and pick up one of those “For Dum­mies” books… unless you hap­pened to have a friend or col­league who knew all the inner work­ings of the soft­ware you were using.

Some might say it was bet­ter “back in the day” when you were forced to go and actu­ally talk to some­one to get your answer. But actu­ally, I think in this case I pre­ferred get­ting my answer quickly (it could have been even faster, had I remem­bered to try Google first), and then hav­ing fresh energy to go on with the rest of my day.

What’s your opin­ion about the pros and cons of the Inter­net? (I know — big topic. That’s OK. Share what­ever you like or dis­like about it. Use the pur­ple “Com­ments” link below.)

Oh, and do you think Google might give me a com­mis­sion for this post????

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