How We Are Connected


Friend­ship Con­nec­tions Around the World: ‘Global Help’ by eduard­trag, via Stock.Xchng

It’s amaz­ing to me to stop and real­ize how my webs of con­nec­tion have fanned out and mul­ti­plied since I started work­ing as a free­lance proof­reader / copy­ed­i­tor. I now have clients on both coasts of the United States and in some states in between, as well as one in Finland!

As much as I value and enjoy assist­ing all of them with their writ­ing projects, what is truly pre­cious and pro­found to me is how, in some cases, our lives have become woven together such that, when one of them rejoices, I rejoice… and when one of them is hurt­ing, I hurt too.

Indeed, this is how God would have it:  “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15, NRSV). It is one of the rea­sons God placed us in com­mu­nity, stat­ing that it is not good for human beings to be alone (Gen­e­sis 2:18).

Much can be said — and is said, fre­quently — about the neg­a­tives of spend­ing vast amounts of time com­mu­ni­cat­ing online, but on the pos­i­tive side, it cer­tainly allows us to con­nect with peo­ple we oth­er­wise would never meet — in my case, clients who turn into friends. And so, I have the oppor­tu­nity to be (I hope and pray) a com­fort and sup­port to a client in Chicago who is recov­er­ing from a rup­tured aneurysm in her brain… and to a client in Cal­i­for­nia who lost her beloved niece to H1N1. And I can cel­e­brate with a client whose book turned out gor­geous!… with another whose busi­ness is boom­ing!… and with one who recently had a baby!

On a social net­work­ing site recently, I read the user­name of some­one I don’t know; it was some­thing like “Con­nected by Words.” I, too, feel like the love of words has con­nected me with so many won­der­ful peo­ple — so much so that they have got­ten not only into my head through their writ­ing, but into my heart through their open­ness, their pos­i­tive and ener­getic spirit, their friend­li­ness, and their very lives. In some cases, I would say we are con­nected by more than “words” — but by THE Word — God’s cre­ative Spirit at work among us! I am so blessed and grateful.

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