Have You Ever Had a Dream?


Way back in the begin­ning of my foray into copy­edit­ing, a writer named Bathsheba Smithen was referred to me. As we worked together on her first book, Who Cares What You Think … So What You Think?, I was tick­led to dis­cover how much we had in com­mon — despite much of her life and work tak­ing place in inner-city, poverty-challenged neigh­bor­hoods, and mine in Mid­west­ern com­mu­ni­tiess, some prac­ti­cally rural; despite the fact that she is black and I am white; despite the fact that she is in her 20s and I am in my 40s. Turns out, we have lots in com­mon! — not least, that we are both mar­ried and each have a child we have adopted as our own and a younger child we gave birth to; that we both hold Master’s degrees; that we both lean on our Chris­t­ian faith, even amid chal­lenges and doubts. Please take a cou­ple min­utes to meet Sheba for yourself:

I went on to help Sheba with more of her writ­ing: A book of poetry and a sequel to her first book, as you saw in the video, are both in pro­duc­tion now, and I can’t wait to get my eyes on that work of fic­tion! Along the way, I’ve learned of her mul­ti­ple other tal­ents, espe­cially her orig­i­nal spoken-word per­for­mances — much more than “poetry read­ings”! Sheba’s ideas are pro­found and pow­er­ful. She writes and speaks from her heart and out of her own expe­ri­ence, with the hope of help­ing oth­ers — par­tic­u­larly youth and young adults — who have expe­ri­enced sim­i­lar strug­gles, includ­ing that of find­ing and valu­ing one’s own iden­tity. (Sheba already gives her time and energy daily to teach­ing inner-city junior-high stu­dents at a unique char­ter school in Wash­ing­ton, DC, but she wants to do even more.)

Most of you read­ing this are not “made of money,” and nei­ther am I. But Sheba lives on and chases her dreams on less than I do, and prob­a­bly less than you do. She has started a Kick­starter fund-raising cam­paign to fund Pro­foundThought Press, the pub­lish­ing com­pany she has set up to pub­lish her books (in this day and age, that’s not uncom­mon, but it’s still no small feat). Would you be will­ing to give a dona­tion via Sheba’s Kick­starter page to help make her dream pos­si­ble — the dream of help­ing other peo­ple see the dream-reaching poten­tial in them­selves? (There are also cool rewards, depend­ing on the amount of your gift — like copies of her books, and a per­son­al­ized Bathsheba Smithen orig­i­nal poem!)

Have you ever had a dream? Sure, you have! And you’ve had peo­ple will­ing to step up and help you achieve it, right? Please… if you can do so, please do that for my client and friend Bathsheba. Or if you’re not sure, at least take a moment to visit her Kick­starter page here to learn more. Many thanks! ~Heidi

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  1. audrey burke Says:

    Heidi, Thank you for car­ing so much, its nice to know how vested you are to your clients,
    Bathsheba’s story is very inspiring!

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  2. Heidi Mann Says:

    Thank you, Audrey! 🙂

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