Have You Been Wondering about My Blog and… Me??


Oh, I knoooooowwwwww… I’ve been remiss about blog­ging for waaaaaay too long! This is how I’ve always been with jour­nal­ing, too — off again, on again, always hav­ing a hard time keep­ing at it faith­fully. I like jour­nal­ing — the idea of it, that is — the con­cept of record­ing my thoughts to look back on later, espe­cially thoughts about faith and life, prayer con­cerns that I can see answered in ret­ro­spect, ques­tions I’m pon­der­ing, that sort of thing. But the only time I’ve kept at it steadily has been when I was trav­el­ing. I faith­fully recorded my expe­ri­ences in Nor­way daily for two weeks the sum­mer before my junior year in col­lege. No, two weeks isn’t much to brag about, but then I also faith­fully jour­naled (maybe not every day, but reg­u­larly) through­out my five months in Spain dur­ing the spring of my junior year in col­lege. That, I think, was the last time I faith­fully kept a jour­nal. So, no big sur­prise here that think­ing of some­thing to write about and mak­ing a point to do it every few days for the sake of my blog does not come eas­ily to me. So, my apolo­gies. But since I’m here now…

I’ve decided to start some­thing new and make a series of it — maybe a once-a-week sort of thing; we’ll see. As a copy edi­tor, and a fanat­i­cal one at that — one who can’t turn off her proof­read­ing brain, even after the client-based work is done for the day — I am often not just annoyed but appalled by the errors I see “out there.” Now, because my aim here is not to shame any­one — and since, after all, I wouldn’t have much of a free­lance edit­ing career if every­one had the gift of excel­lent writ­ing skills — and because whereas I have strong writ­ing skills, oth­ers have busi­ness or math or sci­ence or par­ent­ing skills I will never have — I will not reveal the iden­tity of a writer, busi­ness, book, etc. with whom/which an error is asso­ci­ated. What I want to do is to turn these fre­quent nerve-shredding nui­sances into some­thing pos­i­tive. So, every few posts, I plan to use a real-life sen­tence or phrase or some other snip­pet of writ­ing I’ve seen as a demon­stra­tion of what the cor­rect con­struct should be and why.

So, here goes. This is a com­mon error in ordi­nary, casual con­ver­sa­tion as well as in writing:

“It con­tains a story about my hus­band and I!” No. “It con­tains a story about my hus­band and ME.” Why “me” instead of “I”? Here’s a help­ful trick: Take the prepo­si­tional phrase (“about my hus­band and…”) and omit the object of the prepo­si­tion that is not the pro­noun in ques­tion. Get rid of it so you can focus only on the pro­noun. Now try it both ways: “It con­tains a story about I” or “It con­tains a story about me.” Clearly, even in casual con­ver­sa­tion, we would say “me.” So, too, should you choose “me” — an object pro­noun, it’s called, whereas “I” is a sub­ject pro­noun — when there is another object in the phrase as well: “It con­tains a story about my hus­band and me!”

Another post sooner than later… I promise!

Oh, and if you see an erro­neous gram­mar or punc­tu­a­tion con­struc­tion “out there,” please men­tion it in a com­ment below. I’ll do my best to explain what’s right and what’s wrong, and why.

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