Happy Lutheran Mother’s Day!


Unfor­tu­nately, I ran across this a week and a day late, but it’s still the month of May, and this video — and the sen­ti­ments that go with it — would apply any day of the year. If it doesn’t bring you at least close to tears, you’re either not Lutheran, not a mother, not the child of a devout Lutheran/Christian mother, not mar­ried to some­one who is a Lutheran/Christian mother, or per­haps not liv­ing and breathing.

So, view it here, and let me know in a com­ment what you think.

The “Lutheran Satire” chan­nel on YouTube offers lots of other videos, which, con­trary to this one, really are satir­i­cal, regard­ing Lutheran the­ol­ogy, pas­toral lead­er­ship, and church life. Enjoy!

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