Gotta Laugh So We Don’t Cry


Tired of the cold? Raise your hand!

If you are tired of the cold and snow, raise your hand!

Got this from a friend/colleague and just had to share it! It has snowed here, I believe, every day since New Year’s Day — and quite a few days in Decem­ber as well. The white stuff is piled high around our house and community.

Oh, and yeah — it’s COOOLLLD: –20s air tem­per­a­ture much of this week, and that doesn’t even count the windchill!!

Any­one in a warmer clime care to do a house-swap for, say, three months or so? Liv­ing here builds char­ac­ter — but I think I’ve got enough char­ac­ter for the time being. Hey, and you could get in on the result­ing sand­bag­ging in March and April, too! You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Suu­ur­rrre, you would!!!

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  1. Douglas Zinter Says:

    Let me add my hand…er, glove.

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  2. Julie O'Keefe McGhee Says:

    Both of my hands are wav­ing in the air.…the worst info relat­ing to this was in this morning’s news­pa­per account of what was found in two cars that had been snow swamped along a New York City Street…two poor souls were found inside the cars. The melt­ing snow revealed the deceased.

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  3. Mary Says:

    You might need some of Elaine Viets’ advice before you travel south

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  4. Heidi Mann Says:

    Thanks for shar­ing the Femmes Fatales post, Mary! That was really cute!! I’m one of those rare north­ern “birds” that has NEVER migrated south for the win­ter! I am def­i­nitely miss­ing out!

    ~Heidi 🙂

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  5. Heidi Mann Says:

    Oh, how hor­rific! Yes, we com­plain and make fun of the snow and cold, but there are very real tragedies that some­times result. I am so grate­ful for our nice warm house. Can’t IMAGINE how the pio­neer fam­i­lies out on the open prairie survived.

    Thanks for stop­ping by, Julie!

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