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OK, so at Isom Global Strate­gies, one of my pri­mary ongo­ing edit­ing clients, they’re putting together a quar­terly newslet­ter, and Towan (founder, owner, pres­i­dent, CEO) gets this idea of includ­ing a game in it where read­ers have to match the IGS team mem­bers’ baby pics with cur­rent pics. So far, so good, right? Except, take a quick look at this pic­ture of the IGS team, people:

IGS Team

And take a look at the head shot of me in the upper right sidebar.

Now, take a look at these pic­tures of me as a baby:


Exactly how long do you think it’s going to take for read­ers to match one of the pho­tos above (whichever they choose to use) with the cor­rect adult team member???!!!!!!

So, here’s a rough ver­sion (can’t give it to you exactly, because I deleted some of it) of the email con­ver­sa­tion that’s been tak­ing place between Towan, Samiha (the newslet­ter pro­duc­tion edi­tor), and me:

Me: It dawns on me that since I am in the dis­tinct minor­ity, racially speak­ing, it won’t be too hard for peo­ple to pick out my pasty-white face for an easy match!

Samiha: You’re not pasty-white; you’re of fair complexion!

Towan: I can’t wait to see your lit­tle cherry cheeks!

Heidi: Well, they’re not exactly “cherry”! In fact, [this was before Towan had seen the pics above] in one pic­ture I’m wear­ing white and lying on a white pil­low and it’s all pretty much white. It’ll prob­a­bly be all washed out and you won’t see any­thing! No hair even, to frame my face!

Towan: LOL

Me: Hey! Maybe we should use the one with the blue bear! Then at least peo­ple might have a lit­tle chal­lenge, think­ing per­haps I’m a boy. Maybe they’ll get me mixed up with David Luck­ett!!! ROFL

In case you couldn’t fig­ure it out, David Luck­ett (see team photo above) is as much in the gen­der minor­ity as I am in the racial minor­ity around IGS, plus he’s one of the darkest-skinned mem­bers of the team. So now you see why my com­ment was espe­cially hilar­i­ous!

Any­way… I just wanted to share a bit of the fun my clients and I often have together! It’s so fab­u­lous (under­state­ment, but there aren’t ade­quate words) when peo­ple of all dif­fer­ent races and eth­nic­i­ties, not to men­tion other forms of diver­sity, can join together in respect and mutual admi­ra­tion to do excep­tional work! Why can’t all the world be like this??

I find it delight­ful and refresh­ing to work (albeit long-distance) with such a mix of peo­ple, since most of my life has been largely the oppo­site. The Upper Mid­west is becom­ing more diverse, espe­cially in the cities, but with the excep­tion of my years at the sem­i­nary in Chicago, most of my life has been lived in the midst of homo­gene­ity. Nobody’s fault — that’s just how it’s been.

So, I love expand­ing my hori­zons, as well as those of my kids (who hear reg­u­larly about my work and clients). I get a kick out of rec­og­niz­ing that, across races and geo­graph­i­cal regions and cul­tures, we do some things dif­fer­ently — talk a bit dif­fer­ently, joke around a bit dif­fer­ently, relate to oth­ers a bit dif­fer­ently. At the same time, I get a kick out of dis­cov­er­ing, after all is said and done, that we’re all, really, so very much the same. We’re all human beings who take pride in our work, love our fam­i­lies and friends, endure sor­rows and strug­gles, cel­e­brate joys, and learn and grow each day.

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