Do I Have Awesome Clients or What?!


It’s a small world nowa­days, that’s for sure! Never did I dream I’d be con­nected to some­one who was con­nected to some­one who was on “60 Minutes”!

One of my clients teaches life skills at a unique char­ter board­ing school in Wash­ing­ton, D.C., called “Seed.” It was pro­filed this past Sun­day on CBS’s news pro­gram, “60 Min­utes,” and two of the stu­dents she teaches were part of the seg­ment! One is a doll of a young lady named Frances; you should watch through the seg­ment just for the delight of hear­ing and see­ing her! But more than any­thing, I invite you to click on the link below because the piece is so inspir­ing and because “Seed” is a school worth know­ing about; this is one of those rare, pos­i­tive news reports that gives hope that good does still arise out of bad cir­cum­stances and dif­fi­cult challenges.

We should all seek to be as com­mit­ted to oth­ers as the school admin­is­tra­tors and teach­ers pro­filed are to these kids! We should all seek to be as resilient and deter­mined as some of the stu­dents shown! If they can han­dle life and come out bet­ter for it, surely we can, too!

You won’t want to miss this video; it’s worth every one of its approx­i­mately 18 min­utes. And I am so hon­ored to know one of the teach­ers who serves at “Seed.” Thanks to her for pass­ing this video along.

“60 Min­utes” Seg­ment on Seed School in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.

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