Balancing Motherhood, Work, and the Rest of Life


Like me, my sis­ter, Shan­non Hyland-Tassava, is a writer. Actu­ally, she does more orig­i­nal writ­ing at the present, while I am pas­sion­ate about help­ing oth­ers’ writ­ing shine. I’ve writ­ten a few pieces here and there — the Fore­word in a forth­com­ing book, a few arti­cles for the web-zine 10,000 Cou­ples, and some of the monthly con­tent of a sub­scrip­tion pub­li­ca­tion for church newslet­ter cre­ators — but Shan­non now has two essays pub­lished in antholo­gies related to wom­an­hood and moth­er­hood. I invite you to check them out!

The first essay, “The Mommy Wars Killed Our Friend­ship…,” appeared in P.S.: What I Didn’t Say

And now, to be released this com­ing Sun­day, May 1, is the book Torn: True Sto­ries of Kids, Career & the Con­flict of Mod­ern Moth­er­hood

Shan­non was recently inter­viewed by her community’s news­pa­per. Fol­low this link to read a short, but inter­est­ing, arti­cle. (I men­tion “short” because, as the book makes abun­dantly clear, we are all insanely busy!)

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Thanks, sis! Actu­ally the inter­view is with a writer from our town’s com­mu­nity web­site, not the newspaper—but a story with the paper will be com­ing out next week, and there’s sup­pos­edly going to be an online link to that one too. I’ll send it to you.

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  2. Heidi's Mom Says:

    And I am insanely proud of my daugh­ters and their abil­ity to express them­selves so beautifully.

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  3. Heidi Mann Says:

    Thanks, Mom! Of course, we got it from YOU!!!

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