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I just dis­cov­ered the most incred­i­ble blog! #1: The writ­ing is excel­lent, so it’s an absolute plea­sure to read. And #2: It’s all about my favorite sub­ject — mat­ters of faith and meet­ing God in daily life. If you do noth­ing else today, you MUST visit “won­ders never cease” by Rebecca Ram­sey.

I knew noth­ing of Becky (as she signs her blog posts) before this evening, but I love her already! She is so warm and per­son­able, down-to-earth and “real.” But let me back up: She actu­ally found me on Twit­ter, and I’m so hon­ored that she did! When­ever I get a notice that some­one new is fol­low­ing me, I go to their pro­file to read their bio and some of their tweets to get to know them a bit. If they have a blog or web­site link, I often click over to it — which is pre­cisely what I did within a heart­beat of read­ing Becky’s Twit­ter bio. I mean, how could I resist? She describes her­self as one who “[searches] life for God’s fin­ger­prints and then [writes] about them, … an author, a mom, a cof­fee drinker, and dreamer of French pas­tries.” I fell in love with Span­ish ones myself when I lived in Spain for five months dur­ing col­lege, but every­thing else? — holy cow, how much more could we have in common?!

Lis­ten to (or read) the sub­ti­tle to Becky’s blog: “frisk­ing the ordi­nary for the pres­ence of God.” Isn’t that GREAT?! I just LOVE her cre­ativ­ity — with words, images, blog design, every­thing! Her posts are packed full of pho­tos and videos. Her right side­bar is as rich as the posts them­selves with its unique sec­tion titles, lo-o-ong list of rec­om­mended blogs, and even an inspir­ing quote and a modern-day psalm. This is not just a blog; it’s an EXPERIENCE!

Becky’s been blog­ging (at least at this address) since April 2008, so I dare­say that, even if she doesn’t post every sin­gle day, there will be more than enough food for thought to use for my daily devo­tions for a good long time. Not that I’m always very good at doing daily devo­tions, but this work of faith and labor of love (though she makes it look effort­less — not like “work” or “labor” at all) points to God’s grace in such a gen­tle, per­cep­tive way that it makes me want to get back in the habit, start­ing tomor­row.

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  1. Becky Ramsey Says:

    Oh Heidi, you have absolutely made my day! (My week, my month!)
    I’m thrilled that you like my blog. I have a great time writ­ing it. And thank you for the encour­age­ment on my writ­ing about faith. You know, I started the blog back in 2008 for fun, but also to help pro­mote my book that Ran­dom House had just pub­lished about the four years my fam­ily spent in France. But in the last year or so I’ve found myself writ­ing more about faith and God in the every­day, which is where my heart really lies. So your encour­age­ment means the world to me.
    Con­sider your­self hugged!

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  2. Heidi Mann Says:

    Thanks so much, Becky! I appre­ci­ate it!

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