Life Overflowing!


Life Over­flow­ing! The first in a series about God’s abun­dant gen­eros­ity, this inspir­ing, well-written arti­cle by Bishop Larry Wohlrabe of the North­west­ern Min­nesota Synod of the Evan­gel­i­cal Lutheran Church in Amer­ica (ELCA) tes­ti­fies to God’s gift of the Word. (Upcom­ing months promise reflec­tions on such things as Chil­dren, Neigh­bors, and the Life to Come.) 'Book of Romans,' by Billy Alexander, via Stock.Xchng

If Chris­t­ian faith is of inter­est to you, and if you enjoy good writ­ing, take time to read Bishop Larry’s arti­cle. You’ll be inspired!

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